The Bela Castle Nagybányató Friends of the total number of members in the coming maximizes head count of 100 times, the maximum number of staff are introduced to fishing.

The mine lakes beauty of the lakes, angling calm and ensure true relaxation, our goal is to keep the e-unit complex.

The 100-strong staff until charging júl.10 this year onwards. 2017 jan. 31. HALF WHERE TO ORDER TICKETS registration is issued.

The regional ticket price 13500Ft. You can apply on the website, the mermaid fishing shop facebook date, or in person at the Mermaid Fishing Shop.

Good time and good fishing!

Sincerely, Stephen Cook

Dear Fellow Angler!

Supplementary Regulations published in the year 2016, information about the competitions menu!

Dear Fellow Angler!

Ticket prices in year 2016:

Adult annual surface:                                                 27 000 HUF / 70 years 50% discount /

Youth / 8-12 years old / annual regional free under 13 500 HUF / 8 years of age, see Fishing Art /

Boat tickets:                                                                3000 HUF / year

Daily ticket:                                                                 2500 HUF / from 6 am. Until 6 in the morning. /

Weekend ticket.                                                         6000 HUF / Friday from 6 am. 6 pm Sunday. /

Boilies day ticket:                                                       3200 HUF / from 6 am. Until 6 in the morning. /

Boat rental:                                                                 3000 HUF / day / daily ticket angler per day for                                                                                                             the duration of the ticket validity /

Switchable:   Nagyatád Mermaid fishing shop / Trading House /

In addition Bélavár COOP shop opening hours, opening hours of the shop house to Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca.51. / Only day ticket / Phone: +36 30/560 7178