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Completed water areas managed by the Circle of Friends film presentation.

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The Bela Castle Mine Lakes history of the formation of the present day.

The current one area of ​​the lake and the reactive layer letermelése and the development of transport routes in 1976 to start. 1977 saw the start of the actual production E-652 vonóvedres on excavators.The lake water depth of 4-6 meters, the socket was undulating grooves slashed due to the technology, which has become more balanced because of the Drava floods and currents.The first year of the Drava almost overwhelmed with large amounts of dredged lake and river fish put into the pond.The No. 2 Lake Dredging began in 1982. The technology is the same as the 1 tóéval. The current form part of the lake is a 3-barren lake filling the lake back in 1984 - was completed.The regular prices this spring green pond filled with fish of the Drava.Simultaneously started 3 is also lake dredging. The 3 kotrásánál lake has a more powerful excavator was involved, which in theory could take the gravel 8 m depths, because of the future tailings backfill it is today is not very noticeable.It began in 1985 field preparation 6 and 4 and lakes. The 4-inch lake dredging later this year began.The first big lake surface area of ​​yield with front loader started the production in 1986, the same year began the 5-dredging of the lake as well. The big lake dredging started this 1 652 1 252 1 UB vonóvedres for excavators 6-8 meters of water depth, varied mederfenékkel in 1987thThe usual prices in Green completed the installation, a large amount of big fish, small fish ponds have been.In May 1992, the mine water BHV Petersburg Mg Co. Inc. sold extraction and processing Construction Ltd has the Pécs-based Drava gravel and concrete. The new owner later this year with an electric szívókotrót put into operation. That excavator lake formed by the current shape of the bulk. That excavator has been able to work 10 meters deep, thanks to its depth of the lake between the hilly jack 4-10.To increase the depth of the lake with a rope dredgers were installed, but failed due to the deeper dredging of the forced extraction and quality problems. Officially in 2010 ended up in the gravel pit is excavated.In the beginning of the fishing potential of the Drava River it was still valid territorial license.Fish installations for many years was carried out by the Drava.Between 2001 and 2011, the mine manager was Barcsi lakes Fishing Association, this time because of the many annual plantings mirror carp and grass carp were in the lakes. The big lake fishing utilization in 2010 was the Castle by Béla Horgászegyesülethez, and in 2011, the other pond. The year 2015 became the new owner of the mine lakes and associated land has also been angling to use our company at the same time and for fishing the name Bela Castle Great Friends of mine have.Enjoy watching, we want a good grip and bend the end!